Let’s continue the trend on social media and announce @billy_k__ Birthday Bash next Saturday, May 25th here at ROCKS River North!! Oh it shall be glorious...
 Happy Tuesday to all you Chicagoans, Chicagoites, Chicagans, all of you people! Come by and today for 1/2 priced cocktails created by this guy @billy_k__ ! He loves the White Sox, tight jeans, making inappropriate snap chats and dances around in a Cubs speedo with his dog when his girlfriend isn’t home. What else can I say about this guy?!? Am I right?!?
 Happiest of Birthdays to @hankstank16 one of our OG regulars and a solid overall man! We appreciate all you’ve drank over the past year and the friends you have introduced us to. We look forward to giving you one helluva hangover!!
 @sideshowkingy and @timshep are on the TV!!! You can also see @gmantastic44 ‘s dome over the score thing too!!
 I guess summer is halfway here. Come get wet with @billy_k__ and @brendygovs #poolparty #snacks #pizzaandbeer #cocktailsanddreams #chicagosbestbars #kentuckyderby