Wanna watch the fight without getting into a fight? Only a $10 cover and not a bad seat in the house.  Don’t be a weenie winer (sick wine burn) about the weather. We always have half off bottles and glasses every Thursday rain or wine (Dad joke). How many can you drink? 7? 8? Wine? (That would be a lot of wine but I needed one more joke.) doors open at 4PM. . . . . #halfoffwine #rocksrivernorth #rocksbargroup #rivernorthchicago #donkeybags #dadjokes #winepuns  The depicted fingernail was submitted to forensics to link @joycebug19 to the threatening letter. Nice try, “joyce”. @rockslv @rocks_nc  A tipster gave us this pic and with computers we can enhance the photo... @rockslv @rocks_nc
 Same feeling when losing two weeks in a row after a week one win in fantasy football. Come get drunk with somebody who likes to cry more than you.  WHISKEY. TRIVIA. PRIZES. SHOTS. Now that I have your attention, let’s explain. Every Wednesday we hand select 4 whiskeys and drop their price so low it’s disturbing. At 8PM we host Adult Trivia with shots galore and a $25 gift card to the winning team! There’s another surprise tonight stay tuned.... . . . . #rocksrivernorth #rocksbargroup #rivernorthchicago #whiskeynight #trivianight #donkeybags  The clues are compiling... @rockslv @rocks_nc this individual goes by @joycebug19 maybe... #investigaton  Sometimes it helps to take fresh eyes on the bigger picture. Who sent this? Why would somebody do something this heinous? It’s the type of thing that makes your stomach turn. @rockslv @rocks_nc
 Ahhh, the first day of Fall. Football, 50 degree days and hoodies are back. It’s also customary to celebrate the beginning of a new Season by singing karaoke. You didn’t know that? Well, you’re welcome. Karaoke starts at 9PM and, judging by that sick boomerang to the right, it’s pretty fun. $5 Breckenridge Agave Wheat pints and Kentucky Tavern cocktails all night. Oh, and our friend @kylemariexo will be behind the sticks here!! Doors open at 4PM. . . . . #rocksrivernorth #rocksbargroup #rivernorthchicago #karaokenight #voicelikebutter #karaokechicago #donkeybags  Looky what we have here... 1/2 off signature and classic cocktails, guys! #cocktailsanddreams #cocktailnight #shaken #stirred #layered #atouchofclass  Any information on the individual displayed above would be greatly appreciated. @rockslv @rocks_nc
 What a perfect day to drink multiple spiked ginger beer cocktails chilled with crushed ice in a copper tin mug for $5. All night you can choose from Moscow, Irish or Kentucky style Mules and it’ll only cost you a Lincoln bill. Cubs Sox are on TV, the sun is out and the doors and windows are open. IT’S THE WEEKEND BABY COME CELEBRATE!! . . . . #fridayfeels #fivedollarmules #rocksrivernorth #rivernorthchicago #donkeybags #rocksbargroup #theoffice #crosstowncup  Mondays kinda sneak up on ya. Well luckily all our drafts are $5 today so you can get a good start to the week. #caseofthemondays #draftbeer #rivernorthbars #rivernorthchicago #sharks  COMPUTER: ENHANCE @rockslv @rocks_nc
 Damn right the world is watching. Watching it right here!! We will be showing UFC McGregor vs Khabib live on Pay Per View on Saturday, Oct. 6th. $10 COVER AT THE DOOR. No reservations so get here early!! Doors open at 4PM. Main card at 9PM. . . . #rocksrivernorth #rocksbargroup #rivernorthchicago #ufc229 #ufc  CASE CLOSED: The investigation has concluded. The threats have come from this individual, Carmen San Diego. Nice try but crime doesn’t pay. @rockslv @rocks_nc  COMPUTER: ENHANCE @rockslv @rocks_nc