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How to Introduce a New Cat to Your Home

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Most cats are very good at maintaining their personal hygiene. However, long-haired cats require our assistance to prevent matting and resulting fur balls. Grooming your long- or medium-haired cat on a regular basis is good for their health and will leave them looking great. If you don’t keep up with your pet’s grooming, his or her coat could get too long and matted. Grooming removes dead skin and loose hair from the coat and distributes the animal’s own natural oils. By clipping regularly, you can keep your pet’s coat at an appropriate length for the changing seasons. We suggest that you incorporate grooming into your pet’s regular healthcare regimen.

Grooming your cat professionally on a regular basis can help prevent issues like:

  • Thermal strain
  • Parasites and ticks (which are more visible when their coat is shorter).
  • Unrecognized growths
  • Skin and paw irritation
  • Embarrassing tangles and mats
  • Extreme hair loss
  • Balls of fur

How come my cat must be groomed on a regular basis?

Your cat’s health and happiness depend on you giving its fur the attention it deserves on a regular basis. Cats with longer or medium-length hair need more frequent grooming and, in some cases, clipping to maintain a healthy coat.

You can reduce the amount of cat hair around the house by grooming your cat regularly. You can avoid having your cat leave a trail of hair wherever it goes by quickly disposing of the hair after grooming. Grooming your cat regularly will help you spot any changes, such as growths or parasites like fleas.

Brush their hair in the direction it grows to remove tangles. There are combs and brushes designed specifically for matt levels and coat types. Please get in touch with the Vets staff if your pet has matted fur.

Is it necessary to groom all cats?

Grooming is important for all cats, but it’s especially important for long-haired cats because it prevents their hair from matting. You might have to trim them down. Your local Vet can clip your cat, but it may be necessary to sedate her first. If this is the case, your feline friend’s well-being and safety will be constantly monitored throughout the grooming process.