10 signs your partner is cheating on you

Changes in behavior

Your partner starts behaving differently, exhibiting mood swings, becoming distant, or showing a sudden disinterest in things they used to enjoy together.

Increased secrecy

They become overly protective of their phone, email, or social media accounts, often changing passwords or keeping them out of your sight.

Decreased intimacy

There is a noticeable decline in physical intimacy, including a lack of affection, sexual disinterest, or avoiding any intimate encounters.

Unexplained absences

Your partner frequently disappears without a valid reason or offers vague explanations for their whereabouts, especially during times they would typically be available.

Increased focus on appearance

They suddenly become excessively concerned with their appearance, making more effort to dress well, work out, or use new grooming habits.

Excessive defensiveness

They become defensive or agitated when you ask simple questions about their day or express concerns about your relationship.

Unexplained expenses

You notice unfamiliar charges on credit card statements, unexplained receipts, or unaccounted-for expenses that your partner cannot justify.

Emotional distance

They seem emotionally detached and less interested in engaging in conversations or connecting with you on an emotional level.

Changes in social patterns

Your partner begins spending more time with new friends, going out frequently without inviting you, or displaying an overall shift in their social circle.

Gut feeling

If you have a strong gut feeling that something is wrong, it's worth paying attention to it and discussing your concerns with your partner.