7 Dangers of Falling in Love Too Fast


Too quickly falling in love might be dangerous. Strong initial connection is typical, but give it some time to be sure the sensations are real.

Overeager love results in loving someone's idealised self rather than their authentic self. Knowing someone's values and if they are deserving of love takes time.

1. You end up falling in love with the idea of someone

In order to maintain healthy relationships, openness and judgement must coexist. Too soon falling in love might skew judgement.

2. Your emotions can cloud your judgment

Too much infatuation can make it difficult to recognise red flags, which can result in toxic or unhealthy relationships.

3. You can miss red flags

Too quickly falling in love can lead to an unhealthy amount of attachment, which can lead to vulnerability and a loss of identity.

4. You may become overly attached

Too much love too soon can cause you to sacrifice your wants for your partner, which could lead to resentment and establish boundaries.

5. You can fail to set boundaries

Overeager love might be based on infatuation rather than true love. It lasts just a short time and is based on physical attraction.

6. Your attraction might be based on infatuation

When you fall in love too quickly, you don't have time to lay the groundwork for a good relationship. There is a risk of overlooking crucial talks and compatibility.

7. You don’t have time to build a solid foundation

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