Alpha Zodiac Signs Who Take Charge


People with alpha personalities are assertive, tenacious, career-driven people who crave power and control. They are leaders who don't hesitate to take initiative.

Who is an Alpha Person?

Alpha attributes like ambition, wisdom, tenacity, and strength are shared by Capricorns. Despite their seeming aloofness, they are intent on winning.

1. Capricorn

Aries people are tenacious and confident. Their determination and courage can be terrifying but motivating.  They put in more effort to succeed and refuse to accept less.

2. Aries

Natural leaders, Leos are respected for their charisma, vision, and helpfulness. Sincere and courageous idealists, they command attention.

3. Leo

Scorpios are aggressive, domineering people who constantly want to be in charge. They live on controversy and won't accept no for an answer. 

4. Scorpio 

Knowledge gives Virgos power. They act without fear and without regard for the reaction of others. Beliefs are firmly held and won't sway. 

5. Virgo

Aquarians take the unique route that suits them best. They value their own dignity and will not give it up to appease others.

6. Aquarius

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