Amazing Facts About Sagittarius Women


Sagittarius ladies have vivid imaginations and are always looking for new adventures. They daydream frequently and can become lost in their thoughts.

1. Sagittarius is great at using her imagination

Sagittarians can be continuously on the move, sometimes failing to keep others, especially close friends and family, up to date on their life.

2.  Sagittarius woman can be secretive

Sagittarius is active and often distracted, making it difficult for her to focus on one thing for long periods of time.

3. She can be kind of oblivious at times

Sagittarius ladies have amazing musical taste and enjoy rocking out. They're well-known for providing excellent music recommendations that never fail.

4. She has great taste in music

Sagittarius Women value honesty and integrity and will not lie. They hold themselves and others to high ethical standards.

5. Sagittarius women can't stand liars

Sagittarius women ponder concerns of purpose, life, ethics, as they consider their place in the world. They appreciate discussing their intellectual thoughts with others.

6. Sagittarius likes to get philosophical

Sagittarians are ambitious and dedicated to make their aspirations come true. They are relentless in their pursuit of their objectives.

7. She's passionate about her dreams

Sagittarians might be quickly overwhelmed by simple activities and anxious, yet they conceal their feelings skillfully.

8. She's easily stressed, but she'll never show it

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