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Planetary retrograde occurs when a planet appears to go backward in the sky from Earth's perspective. It's an optical illusion caused by the differing speeds and positions of the Earth and the planet.

Retrogrades are only temporary and happen on a regular basis all year. They are significant in astrology because they have the ability to influence the zodiac signs and houses that they govern.

Retrogrades affect different zodiac signs differently, based on the planet and the house it rules.

The Influence of Retrogrades on Zodiac Signs

When Mercury, the planet of communication and technology, goes retrograde, it can cause confusion, delays, and miscommunication.

 It is also known to have an impact on technology, causing malfunctions and breakdowns.  Venus' retrograde, the planet of love and relationships, can disrupt people's emotional equilibrium and cause relationship difficulties.

Each planet in astrology is related with one or more houses that regulate many elements of life, such as love, career, and health.

Retrogrades and the Houses They Govern

When a planet turns retrograde, it can have an impact on the house it rules, causing changes or disruptions in that area of life.

 When Mars, the planet of activity and energy, moves retrograde, it might impact the house of career and ambition, causing delays or setbacks in work-related concerns.

Some zodiac signs struggle with retrogrades, but there are ways to cope.  Mindfulness and self-awareness let you reflect on prior acts and decisions.

Coping with Retrogrades

Retrogrades can bring unexpected changes and interruptions, so be flexible and adaptable.  During retrogrades, avoid major choices and contracts and be cautious with technology and communication.

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