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Astrology and numerology are two ancient divination techniques that have been utilized for ages to elucidate the human mind and the mysteries of the world.

The study of the stars and their influence on human behavior and events is known as astrology, whereas numerology is the study of numbers and their symbolic meanings.

Numerology and astrology are intertwined due to the fact that each of these branches of study require a person's birth date and time in order to construct an individual's respective astrological and numerological charts.

Astrology-Numerology Relationship

Numerology calculates a person's life path number, expression number, and other significant numerological elements based on the numerical values assigned to each letter of their name and their birth date.

 Astrology determines a person's life path number based on the positions of the planets and the zodiac signs at the time of their birth.

Astrology and numerology are two more methods that can be utilized to ascertain whether or not two people are compatible with one another.

Astrological and Numerological Compatibility

Numerological compatibility is determined by an individual's life path numbers,  whereas astrological compatibility is based on the positions of the planets at the moment of birth.

It is possible to acquire a deeper understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of a relationship and to identify the possibility for long-term compatibility by combining the two tools.

Astrology and numerology help people discover themselves.  Astrological and numerological charts reveal your strengths, shortcomings, and life purpose.

Using Astrology and Numerology for Self-Discovery

Astrology may reveal your personality, while numerology can tell your life path, talents, and obstacles.  Combining both tools helps you understand yourself and make better life decisions.

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