Behaviors That Signal a Relationship Is in Trouble


When a couple first falls in love, resources like time, love, and money are fairly divided, but as time goes on, partners may start to act selfishly.

1. The Distribution of Resources Change

One may feel ignored and unimportant when there is no interest in one another. Keep in mind to put your partner first and show up fully.

2. A Partner Seems Preoccupied

Partners in beginning relationships are observant and patient with one another. However, if their attention wanes, they might respond with capping statements.

3. A Partner Quickly Shuts Down Communication

While excitement and passion are important in a relationship, they can become toxic when combined with defensiveness.

4. Partners Become More Negatively Reactive

Communication in relationships that is open and honest requires transparency, authenticity, and sincerity. Trust is damaged by secrecy.

5. A Partner Is Secretive

To keep a relationship exciting, exploration is necessary. Couples who stop seeking out new experiences run the risk of becoming boring and uninterested.

6. The Relationship Feels Stagnant

Relationships require effective dispute resolution. Partners who make pledges to improve after disputes strengthen their relationship.

7. More Fighting

In a relationship, there will likely be variations in physical contact. However, if one person starts to distance themselves, that can be a bad indicator.

8. You’ve Stopped Touching as Much

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