Zodiac Compatibility: More Than Just Your Sun Sign

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Although sun signs are a common method for determining whether or not two people are compatible according to astrology,

 there are a great many other factors that can have an effect on the ways in which people connect with one another. The signals of the sun are only one of those things to consider.

The natal chart of an individual provides a more in-depth look at that person's personality as well as their potential relationships with other people.

The Importance of Natal Charts

The individual's date of birth, the time of the individual's birth, and the location of the individual's birth

 are the three fundamental components that are utilized in the creation of the individual's natal chart.

The location of particular planets in the natal chart of an individual can have an effect on that person's compatibility with other people.

Planetary Aspects

For instance, if a pair has a strong Venus-Mars aspect, it may imply that they have a strong sexual chemistry with one another as well as a strong physical attraction to one another.

 This is because Venus and Mars are the planets of sexuality and passion, respectively.

The placement of planets in various houses of a person's natal chart can also influence their compatibility with others.

House Placements

 If one partner's Sun is in their partner's seventh house of marriage and partnership, this can signal a deep connection and the possibility of a long-term commitment.

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