Cancer: Your daily horoscope - May 18

Your love horoscope

Plan a romantic evening! Take advantage of your attractive energy and use it to benefit from reading, studying, or taking a class. Your mind is especially acute today.

Your career horoscope

Feel a rush of inspiration to create something new today, artistic or computer-based. Enjoy the process and have fun!

Your finance horoscope

Gather yourself, focus on what you care about, stay the course & be proud of yourself. Don't give up!

Your wellbeing horoscope

Today, seek out positive people who lift you up and have a happy attitude. Avoid interactions with angry or depressed people, as their energy could be draining.

Tomorrow's horoscope

Trim down excess baggage in life - physically & mentally. "Less is more." Swim faster by applying mental restraint & physical vitality.


Confidence and ambition are up, but motivation is down. Need to stay focused despite lack of enthusiasm and get things done this week!


Cupid will give you the boost to head out and find someone you're attracted to. Step out of your comfort zone to find your perfect other half.