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Combining water activities with other dog sports

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Agility and dock diving are two popular dog sports that can be combined for an entertaining and difficult experience.

Dogs can perform an agility course before jumping into water to fetch a toy or ball.  This combination allows for an exciting and dynamic workout that puts a dog's physical and mental abilities to the test.


Combining Water Rescue with Obedience

Water Rescue and Obedience are complementary. Dogs can be trained to rescue people from water and perform obedience orders.  This improves the dog's skills and applies obedience training.

Canine Freestyle involves canines dancing to music.  Canine Freestyle and canoeing can be interesting. In a canoe, dogs can perform their routines.

Combining Canoeing with Canine Freestyle


Stand-up Stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) involves paddling on a huge board.  SUP and Flyball, a high-energy relay race, may be fun and hard. Dogs can retrieve and return a ball on the board.

Combining Stand-up Paddleboarding with Flyball

Dogs track scents in tracking. Tracking and water sports like swimming or boating can be tough.  Dogs can track and swim to a person in the water by following a smell trail.


Combining Water Sports with Tracking

Kayaking and Frisbee make a relaxing and fun game. Kayak-handling dogs can catch Frisbees.  This unique combination makes both sports fun.

Combining Kayaking with Frisbee

Nose Work entails finding specific odors in different surroundings. Swimming or diving with Nose Work can be demanding and stimulating.  Dogs can smell and swim to find odours in water.


Combining Water Sports with Nose Work

Surfing and Rally Obedience make a terrific combination.  Surfing with Rally Obedience-trained dogs is more challenging and fun.

Combining Surfing with Rally Obedience

Chasing a mechanical bait is lure coursing. Combining Lure Coursing with water sports like swimming or boating may be fun and energetic.  The lure requires dogs to swim and chase.

Combining Water Sports with Lure Coursing

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