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Gear for water activities with dogs

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When participating in water activities with your dog, the well-being of both of you should always come first.

 This requires making an investment in gear such as life jackets, collars that are waterproof, and leashes that are resistant to water.


Choosing the right life jacket for your dog

It's crucial to get a canine life jacket that fits well and floats.  Dog-specific life jackets with adjustable straps are best.

Water activities with dogs require a waterproof collar and ID tag to help identify your dog if they get lost.  Waterproof collars and ID badges are best.

Waterproof collars and ID tags


Water-resistant leashes are designed to withstand exposure to water and are perfect for water activities with dogs such as swimming or boating.  Look for leashes that are made from durable and quick-drying materials, such as nylon or neoprene.

Water-resistant leashes

Toys make dog water play more exciting, but not all are water-safe.  Look for floating fetch toys or toys that can be filled with water and frozen for a cool treat on a hot day.


Dog-specific water toys

Staying hydrated is important for dogs during water activities, and having a portable water bowl can make it easy to provide them with water when they need it.  Look for collapsible water bowls that are lightweight and easy to pack.

Portable water bowls

Your dog will most likely be wet and in need of a comfy spot to rest after a day of water activity.  Waterproof dog beds and towels can help your dog stay dry and comfy after a day of swimming or boating.


Waterproof dog beds and towels

Water and other external elements can be hard on your dog's paw pads.  Waterproof booties and paw wax can help protect your dog's paw pads from cuts, abrasions, and other ailments.

Protective gear for paw pads

Participating in activities that involve water may result in tangles, matting, and other grooming problems.  Make an investment in grooming items such as brushes for detangling hair and shampoos.

Grooming tools for water activities

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