Gemini: Your daily horoscope - May 18

Your love horoscope

Feel the need to beautify your home today! Stroll through furniture & home decor centers & add plants, art objects, or accessories to your shopping cart!

Your career horoscope

Friends & family should be excited - you made the right decision. Enjoy your new electronic equipment - it may be delivered today! Results will come quickly

Your finance horoscope

Act on childhood dreams & combine creative ideas & technical know-how to create something special for the next generation! The future starts now.

Your wellbeing horoscope

Anxiety will pass, imperfections will be more noticeable but you can fix them. A new day and a new you is ahead!

Tomorrow's horoscope

Accept others' opinions graciously, but remember you don't need to please anyone but yourself. Don't let others' criticism get you down. You are perfect the way you are.


Gemini: Thurs brings good news to drive you forward. Hang in there!


Cupid's here to help you find love and happiness. If single, it's time to go after your dreams. If in a relationship, you're a supportive partner who cares deeply.