How Do I Know My Partner Is Lying

Inconsistent statements

If your partner's story changes or doesn't align with previous statements, it may be a sign of deception.

Body language cues

Look for signs like avoiding eye contact, fidgeting, excessive hand gestures, or facial expressions that don't match their words.

Lack of details

 When someone is telling the truth, they tend to provide specific and detailed information about an event. On the other hand, a liar may offer vague or overly generalized responses.

Defensive behavior

 If your partner becomes overly defensive or reacts with anger or hostility when questioned about something, it could be a sign that they are trying to hide the truth.

Changes in behavior

Sudden changes in behavior, such as increased secrecy, unusual phone habits, or unexplained absences, might indicate that something is amiss.

Intuition and gut feelings

Sometimes, your instincts can pick up on subtle cues that you may not consciously notice. If something feels off or your gut tells you that your partner may be lying,

Unexplained inconsistencies 

If you discover evidence that contradicts your partner's claims, such as finding incriminating messages or catching them in a lie through external sources, it may indicate dishonesty.