How to Make Your Own Face Mask

Select the right material

Choose a tightly woven fabric such as cotton or a cotton blend, which provides good filtration while still allowing for breathability.

Measure and cut the fabric

Use a ruler or measuring tape to determine the desired dimensions for your mask. Cut two identical pieces of fabric using these measurements.

Place the fabric pieces together

Ensure that the front sides of the fabric are facing each other. This will be the inside of the mask.

Sew the edges

Sew along edges with a machine or needle & thread, leaving a gap on one side. Backstitch at start & end to secure.

Turn the mask right side out

Gently push fabric through gap, so right sides are facing out. Use a pencil to push out corners for a neat finish.

Add pleats (optional)

Create pleats by folding the fabric back & forth in an accordion pattern. Secure with pins for a more tailored fit.

Sew the pleats (optional)

Stitch along the sides of the mask to secure the pleats in place. This will help the mask conform to the shape of your face and provide a better fit.

Attach ear loops or ties

Cut two 12" strips of fabric for ear loops. Sew them to the corners of the mask. Or use elastic bands/ribbon instead.

Test the fit

Put on the mask and adjust the ear loops or ties for a snug but comfortable fit. Make sure the mask covers your nose and mouth completely, extending below your chin.

Wash and care for your mask

Wash your mask after every use. Hot water and soap or machine wash, then make sure it's dry before wearing again.