Juno, marriage and commitment asteroid.

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In astrology, the asteroid Juno is linked to the institution of marriage as well as other types of alliances and commitments.

 It exemplifies the characteristics of a long-term partner that appeal to us as well as the attributes that we look for in a potential companion.

Juno is also able to provide light on the patterns of our relationships as well as the types of partnerships we are most likely to attract.

Juno and Relationship Patterns

For instance, people whose Juno is located in Scorpio may be drawn to emotionally intense and life-changing connections, whereas those whose Juno is located in Libra may look for peace and equilibrium in their romantic relationships.

Once we have a better understanding of our Juno placement, we will be better able to identify and resolve any relationship patterns or problems that keep cropping up.

Our attachment style and the manner in which we develop emotional relationships with other people can also be indicated by our Moon sign.

The Moon Sign and Attachment Style

People who have a secure attachment style are more likely to have their Moon signs in earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn),

whereas people who have an anxious or avoidant attachment style are more likely to have their Moon signs in air or fire signs.

In addition, the sign of the Moon can provide light on our emotional breaking points as well as how we react when we are under duress.

Juno in Synastry

The Moon's sign can also shed light on our emotional thresholds and how we respond to pressure.

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