Reasons for Dismissive Behavior in a Relationship


Dismissive actions in relationships can result in hurt, rage, and frustration as well as relationship breakdown that is incurable. It's critical to comprehend why it occurs.

Can prevent closeness by establishing space when a partner's emotions are out of control. Dealing with the underlying problems is avoided.

1) Avoiding intimacy

Can be an indication of unresolved rage from previous experiences and can be challenging to comprehend because it has nothing to do with the relationship itself.

2) Unresolved anger

A person who is afraid to be vulnerable may behave dismissively and push their spouse away in order to put up a barrier and protect themselves.

3) Fear of vulnerability

When in a relationship, someone who struggles to control their emotions may distance themselves from their partner by acting dismissively.

4) Poor emotional regulation

Lack of empathy and understanding might cause people with low emotional intelligence to unknowingly respond in a dismissive manner.

5) Low emotional intelligence

Dismissive behaviour can be the result of insecurity, which is frequently based on emotions of inadequacy. It's a tactic to take charge and keep a partner interested.

6) Insecurity

Despite knowing the consequences of their actions, they could not care enough to change their ways. Maybe it's because they've lost interest in the relationship.

7) Lack of connection

Dismissive behaviour may result from a relationship with low standards, where one spouse tests the limits knowing the other won't confront them.

8) Low standards

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