Relationship Green Flags


Respecting each other's boundaries in a relationship is a sign of regard for uniqueness and creates a secure, encouraging environment for vulnerability.

1. They respect your boundaries

Healthy communication is necessary for healthy partnerships. Effective communicators are accountable for their activities.

2. They know how to express their feelings

A good relationship is one where the partners feel like a team, helping and working together without taking control.

3. They make you feel like you’re on a team

A good lover wants you to have hobbies and objectives that are separate from the relationship. When you spend time with significant people they don't feel jealous.

4. They give you space to be yourself

A positive indicator is a partner who maintains strong connections with other people.  Although they have other things going on, they successfully communicate and make room for you.

5. They have healthy relationships with others too

Making plans and following through on obligations demonstrates respect for you and enhances your self-worth.

6. If they say they’re going to do something, they do it

A good partner is reliable, dependable, and present when it matters. When problems develop, they don't lose their cool or become ineffective.

7. And their behavior is reliable too

A healthy relationship is one in which both partners make the other feel respected and loved. It raises self-esteem.

8. You feel good about yourself when you’re with them

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