Signs of a One-Sided Friendship


You'll find yourself starting the discussions and making all the plans. Your pal could not be interested, even when you have a huge event coming up.

1. You’re always the one reaching out

Do you frequently apologise? It may imply that there are different expectations for each of you in your friendship, which is unbalanced.

2. You’re always the one apologizing

A one-sided connection prevents you from talking about yourself or exchanging experiences because talks are always focused on them.

3. Your friend only talks about themselves

A one-sided friendship may be indicated if your friend never checks in on you. In a healthy friendship, both parties are interested in how the other is doing.

4. Your friend rarely asks how you’re doing

Making excuses for your friend's actions or remarks all the time is a sign that your friendship isn't healthy. 

5. You make excuses for them

Your pal frequently forgets or cancels plans. It might be an indication that they don't value your friendship and treat you like a nobody.

6. Your friend cancels plans often

It may be a symptom of an uneven friendship if you always do all the work and feel worn out and underappreciated.

7. You feel drained after you see them

Broken promises frequently in one-sided friendships may be a sign that your friend doesn't appreciate you or the relationship.

8. You notice a pattern of empty promises

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