Signs the Talking Stage is Going Well


Everything is going fine if you spend the entire day texting. Being eager to communicate and showing mutual interest is a good indicator.

1. You have regular contact

Momentum helps relationships grow. You know you're on the correct track if you feel your connection and bond strengthening.

2. You feel your connection getting stronger

It's a sign of a solid relationship when you can be vulnerable and discuss important subjects without fear of being criticised.

3. You talk about serious topics

There is a strong bond and comfort level when there are inside jokes. You can tell you're having a good time by telling hilarious stories and laughing together.

4. You have inside jokes

Making plans for the future (vacations, movie evenings) shows that you two are comfortable with one another and love spending time together.

5. You make future plans together

Positive feedback demonstrates how much you value and comprehend one another. Physical and personality traits are all praised.

6. You give each other compliments

If the conversations flow easily and you are developing a genuine rapport, the talking stage is going well.

7. You feel like it’s flowing naturally

A connection is progressing well when there is two-way investment, which lays the groundwork for future growth.

8. You are both putting in a similar amount of effort

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