Soft Hearted Zodiac Signs


Each person has their own unique method of expressing affection, which can take many different forms. Let's look at some of the zodiac signs that are known for being soft hearted.

They are perpetually drawn to touching hands, kissing, and flirting. If they are apart, they can still express their love by using video calls and emojis.

1.  Libra

Taurus enjoys showing their appreciation by tiny gestures and going above and above to make you happy. They are romantic and willing to do anything for love.

2. Taurus

Instead of physical touch, Virgo expresses affection through support and kindness. Their love is ever present, reminding you that they care.

3. Virgo

They enjoy flirting and perceive a passionate and emotional life, which can range from casual flirting to intense PDA.

4. Scorpio

Gemini are affectionate while they are enjoying themselves. While they enjoy the chase and flirting, vulnerability turns them off.

5. Gemini

They are aware of when to offer both physical and emotional support. They love to surprise their partners and show affection via cuddling, touching, and PDA.

6. Cancer

They value romance and use physical touch, such as holding hands or tickling, to express their affections.

7. Pisces

Seeks excitement in their relationships. They express affection through witty banter and meaningful eye contact, rather than through physical touch.

8. Aries

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