Taurus: Your daily horoscope - May 18

Your love horoscope

Take advantage of your extra attractiveness today! Plan a romantic evening and benefit from studying/reading. Your mind is extra sharp. Enjoy a great day!

Your career horoscope

Brainstorm with partners to make career projects happen. Take notes & act on ideas quickly; don't wait!

Your finance horoscope

Today is an ideal day to think about your own interests and needs, and what you give up to please others. Use the planetary configuration to focus on yourself.

Your wellbeing horoscope

Write letters, make phone calls, and enjoy planning a party or group gathering today - it's like a pre-party! Have fun!

Tomorrow's horoscope

Show respect to elders & authorities today. Listen carefully & be attentive to their wisdom & messages. Mind your body language to project the right messages.


Keep going, your courage & determination will pay off with amazing rewards! Hard work leads to an exciting future.


Cupid's here to help you find love and happiness. If single, it's time to go after your dreams. If in a relationship, you're a supportive partner who cares deeply.