The Color You Should Paint Your Bathroom, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: Red

To provide contrast, use dark wood and black steel accessories. Make your fire-sign energy your own by embracing it.

Taurus: Sage Green

Taurus? To create a nature-inspired refuge, paint your bathroom a soothing sage green and add plants. Ideal for grounding and relaxing.

Gemini: Yellow

For a weekly self-care day, paint your bathroom a bright, sunny yellow and add entertaining artwork. 

Cancer: Dark Blue

Cancers: Use dark blue walls, fragrant scents, flora, and water elements to bring the ocean into your bathroom. A warm, inviting, and intimate refuge!

Leo: Gold

A regency-style bathroom design is ideal for Leos. It will make them feel like royalty and instill confidence in them. Make it spectacular and over-the-top, just like Leo.

Libra: Light Pink

Use a light pink accent wall to create a romantic bathroom! It's the ideal way to add a modern touch of beauty and love to your dressing area.

Scorpio: Black

Scorpios need a dark, moody hideaway; black walls, mood lighting, Bluetooth speaker, art, will create the perfect space to escape life's stresses.

Sagittarius: Orange

A pleasant, vacation-style room for the free-spirited Sagittarian is created by bright sunny orange walls, Tuscan-inspired paintings, and florals.

Capricorn: Forest Green

Deep forest green walls for a sophisticated, minimalist vibe; accent with natural materials like wood, marble, and plants: the perfect retreat for Capricorns after a long day.

Aquarius: Natural Materials

Aquarius, you adore sleek, futuristic interior design. Consult with a professional to design your perfect bathroom with a brick, marble, or moss accent wall.

Pisces: Lavender

Pisces like to push the envelope, so paint your bathroom walls a soothing lavender color that transports you to a fantasy world.