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The influence of animals on love relationships

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When a couple has a pet together, they forge a special connection that contributes to the growth of their relationship.

Because it requires cooperation and open lines of communication, taking care of a pet together can strengthen a couple's capacity to overcome obstacles and support one another in times of need.


Pets as a source of stress in relationships

Pets can bring joy and tension to a relationship. Partners may disagree on pet care, allergies, and behavior.  Couples should discuss pet care expectations and identify solutions that work for both of them.

Pets can improve or hurt partner intimacy. While cuddling with a pet can be relaxing, some partners may feel uncomfortable being intimate with one in the room.  Partners should discuss their pet policies at intimate moments.

The impact of pets on intimacy


A couple's pet care reflects their values and objectives. A couple that prioritizes their pet's health and happiness may also prioritize their own.  Animal welfare beliefs can also provide a relationship purpose and dedication.

Pets as a reflection of a couple's values

Pets can play a significant role in fostering a sense of family and closeness when spouses with children from prior relationships join together.  However, bringing pets into a blended family can cause stress and conflict.


The role of pets in blended families

For a relationship, losing a pet may be a painful experience.  Grief and melancholy can have a variety of effects on a relationship, including changes in communication, emotional distance, and even anger toward one another. 

The impact of pet loss on relationships

When partners share a pet, they may feel connected to other pet owners in their neighborhood.  Socializing and establishing new acquaintances can boost the couple's happiness and sense of belonging.


Pets as a source of connection with others

Pet therapy, which uses animals for emotional support, can help couples with marital issues.  Animals can help partners talk and resolve conflicts by providing comfort and protection.

The benefits of pet therapy for couples

Long-distance couples can feel closer with a shared pet.  Distance can also make it hard to care for a pet jointly, and conflicts about pet care can add stress and anxiety.

The impact of pets on long-distance relationships

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