The role of Chiron in relationship healing

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Chiron, the "wounded healer" centaur, in Greek mythology.  A talented doctor and instructor, he had an unhealable wound.

Chiron's story shows how our wounds can make us healers.  In partnerships, Chiron can remind us that our scars and past experiences can provide us the tools and empathy to help others heal.

It is said that Chiron represents the archetype of the hurt child.  When we are involved in a romantic relationship, our "inner child" may resurface as a result of past traumatic experiences or emotional wounds.

Healing the Inner Child

This may result in patterns of behavior and communication that are harmful to the relationship. 

Working with the energy of Chiron allows us to recognize and repair the traumas that we carried as children within ourselves.  This can pave the way for improved communication and a more profound emotional connection with our spouse.

Chiron is a symbol of our capacity for vulnerability as well as our readiness to confront our own scars and pain.

Embracing Vulnerability

In order to foster intimacy and a connection on an emotional level in a relationship, it is necessary to be vulnerable.  When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and open up to our partners about the hurts we've experienced,

 we make room for both of our selves to heal and grow. Chiron serves as a reminder to us that the wounds we have suffered in the past do not render us incapable of healing or growing as people;  rather, they present us with an opportunity to do so.

Chiron symbolizes shadow self integration. Shadows can appear in relationships as unconscious negative patterns and actions.

Integrating the Shadow

 We can grow and heal by surfacing and integrating these patterns.  Chiron teaches us that healing involves confronting and integrating all elements of ourselves, including the shadow.

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