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Water activities for senior dogs

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Participating in activities that involve water can give older dogs with a number of benefits, including low-impact exercise, support for their joints, and cerebral stimulation.

 Additionally relieving arthritis pain and improving mobility, swimming and other water-based activities like can help.


Safety First

Ensure your older dog's safety before introducing water activities.  Make sure your dog is water-ready and consider a life jacket. Monitor your dog's activity and demeanor to avoid overexertion.

Senior dogs love swimming. Swimming is low-impact and good for your heart.  Use a ramp or steps to help your senior dog enter and exit the water.



Mobility-challenged geriatric dogs can use water treadmills.  Water buoyancy supports your dog's weight and reduces joint stress. Water treadmills can control exercise and rehabilitation.

Water Treadmill

Water activities can also help dogs stay slim. Swimming and other water activities help overweight dogs lose weight.  These activities also prevent obesity in dogs.


Aqua Therapy

Dogs recovering from surgery or injury can benefit from water exercises.  Swimming and other water sports can increase range of motion and strength without straining injured joints or limbs.

Dock Diving

Senior dogs can love canoeing and kayaking. A stabilizing platform can help your dog ride comfortably.  Monitor your dog's energy and give him breaks and drink.



Stand-up paddleboarding with your senior dog is entertaining and demanding.  Use a life jacket and a larger, stable board. Start slowly with plenty of breaks and drink.

Stand-Up Paddleboarding

Dogs can exercise and get massages with hydrotherapy. Senior dogs with arthritis may benefit from hydrotherapy.  A professional veterinarian or animal rehabilitation specialist can ensure safe and successful treatment.


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