Worst Dog Breeds by Zodiac sign Sign

Aries: Dachshunds

Aries don't like passive aggressiveness, and dachshunds are the masters of it. Pull on the leash too hard? Refuse to move. 

Taurus: Jack Russell Terriers

Taurus should skip Jack Russells and get a basset hound instead- they're level-headed, laidback and even-keeled, perfect for a practical, grounded Taurus.

Gemini: Australian Shepherds

Geminis like to keep an open-ended schedule for spontaneity; Australian Shepherds need daily structure to thrive. 

Cancer: Shiba Inus

Cancer is a sign of empathy, but Shiba Inus are too independent & stubborn to fit their need for appreciation. 

Leo: Goldendoodles

Leos value etiquette and respect, so poodle mixes may not be compatible due to their hyper, impulsive nature. 

Virgo: St. Bernards

Virgos hate mess, so a St. Bernard isn't the best choice. A neat, hypoallergenic breed like a miniature poodle might be better.

Libra: Pomeranians

 Poms have a "bark-first, ask questions later" approach that wouldn't mesh with the Libra's social butterfly vibe.

Scorpio: Vizslas

Vizslas are not for Scorpios who value privacy & independence; they'll follow their owners everywhere & stand guard..

Sagittarius: Bulldogs

Sagittarians want an active pup that can match their energy; a bulldog won't cut it. Boston terrier is perfect: similar look, livelier temperament.

Capricorn: Chihuahuas

Capricorns don't like cockiness, so Chihuahuas' "tough-guy" attitude won't go over well. Respect their small size and don't get one if you're a Capricorn.

Aquarius: Corgis

Aquarians hate being judged while Corgis are skeptical. Female dogs are more likely to judge so leave them to the royals and get a more accepting pup.

Pisces: Huskies

Huskies are talkative and demand attention, which can be annoying for Pisces who don't like being pressured. Owners agree that huskies won't stop arguing until they get their way