Zodiac Compatibility: More Than Just Your Sun Sign

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Although a person's sun sign is one of the more common ways that astrology can be used to determine whether or not two people are compatible with one another,

The methods in which people interact with one another can also be influenced by a wide variety of other elements.  Solar signals are just one of several variables to think about.

Personality traits and potential romantic partnerships can be better understood through analysis of a person's natal chart.

The Value of Birth Charts

Information about the person's birth, including their date of birth, birth time, and place of birth

are the three primary factors considered when drawing up a person's natal chart.

The compatibility of two people may be affected by the placement of planets in their birth charts.

Aspects of the Planets

One interpretation of a powerful Venus-Mars aspect is that the couple has intense sexual chemistry and a deep physical connection to one another.

This is due to the fact that Venus and Mars are the planetary symbols for lust and ardor.

The placement of planets in various houses of a person's natal chart can also influence their compatibility with others.

House Placements

 If one partner's Sun is in their partner's seventh house of marriage and partnership, this can signal a deep connection and the possibility of a long-term commitment.

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