Zodiac Pairs Likely  to Fight

By  Ayush D             

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Some zodiac pairs aren't compatible. Some zodiac signs fight more than others due to impatience, a lack of understanding, competitiveness, or different life views, resulting in the most chaotic friendships and relationships.

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Two stubborn persons in the same room for too long may argue. Fighting could lead to war from that disagreement. When Aquarius and Taurus spend too much time together, this dispute is possible. 

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Taurus and Aquarius

Pisces and Gemini see things differently, causing miscommunication and conflict. Astrologer Lisa Stardust told Bustle that Pisces utilize intuition and Geminis use facts. "Their different rationales cause conflicts."

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Gemini and Pisces

Fire signs Leo and Aries are intense. They fight to win, regardless of who gets injured. Aries and Leo are risky together because they'll dispute simply to argue and break up.

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Leos and Aries

Capricorns want reciprocity and will be furious if you cancel or arrive late. Thus, a Gemini's fickleness will enrage a Capricorn, and a Gemini may find Capricorns dull.

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Gemini and Capricorn

Libras also have problems making and sticking to decisions. Indecisiveness will irritate a rational Virgo. "Please just shut up and make up your mind already, it's not life or death!" 

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Libras and Virgos

Cancer and Sagittarius don't usually get along since they're too dissimilar. Cancers appreciate comfort and predictability, whereas Sagittariuses want adventure and thrills. 

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 Sagittarius & Cancer 

Scorpios may dislike that talkative Leo. Scorpios may enjoy being the center of attention so they don't have to talk, but they'll likely get annoyed when Leos talk merely to talk. 

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Scorpio and Leo

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The zodiac signs most likely to go to war with each other are Capricorn and Cancer. Capricorn is more compatible with Cancer due to their deep emotionality, while Cancer is drawn to Capricorn's reliability, discipline, and integrity.

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