Zodiac Signs Thare Are Most Awkward 


They are the ones who push the draw door, crowd the back of large groups, and trip over their own tongues and shoelaces.

Here are the zodiac signs that everyone will find the most uncomfortable, from the mildly embarrassing to the inexplicable.

Virgo is known for being methodical, realistic, and diligent; nevertheless, this trait can sometimes cause them to be seen as an outsider. 


They get a lot done, yet others may perceive them as awkward due to their tendency to prioritize menial duties above conversation.

You'll find them to be a thoughtful companion who is eager to engage in deep discussion on any subject you bring up.

Kovach warns that Pisces' overreliance on gut feelings and intuition can cause them to overlook obvious opportunities.


They may feel too much for everyone around them and struggle to cope with the depth of their compassion.

Because of this, they may either open up too much or close off entirely, both of which come across poorly in social settings.

They are often misinterpreted because Aquarius is the most intelligent, creative, and progressive of the zodiac signs.


As the Zodiac's nonconformist, they may feel out of place among more conventional types of individuals.

The sign also emits a subtle but palpable undercurrent of worry. They look restless and on edge, according to Kovach. 

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