Zodiac Signs That Are Biggest Blabbermouth


Have a secret to tell? Will you be able to maintain it? Not everyone is able to. They're notoriously gossipy and willing to spill the beans at any moment. 

Find out which sign of the zodiac is the most likely to talk about other people behind their backs, from the stereotypical chatty Cathy to the witty rumormonger.

They are constantly eager to spill the beans about their newest endeavor or brightest idea, but they should learn when to keep their mouths shut.


Because of how much they chat, sensitive information can easily leak out, as Bennet points out.

It's not surprising that an Aries would speak before thinking, given the sign's reputation for being frank and impetuous.


They are not afraid to voice their opinions and ideas in front of others since they like doing it.

In order to satisfy their own inflated sense of importance, they must take the reins of discourse.


Just to get people to pay attention to them, they'll embellish even the most mundane scenario.

No matter how many times they promise not to tell, the minute you leave, they'll start spreading the word.


They have a hard time sitting in silence and would rather talk to anyone who will listen.

Sagittarius is the sign in the zodiac that is known for having the loudest voice due to their naturally gregarious and opinionated nature. 


They don't know how to control their thoughts, so they'll tell anyone who would listen about anything, even if it's just a rumor.

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