Zodiac Signs That Are Happiest Of All


People like these never fail to crack a smile and a joke, even when confronted with circumstances that would cause others great distress.

The most cheerful zodiac signs are revealed below, from the reliably cheerful to the consistently ecstatic.

When it comes to volunteering their time and assistance to people in need, Libras are appreciative and happy to do so.


Their idealistic character makes them desire to help people and see them happy, especially in intimate relationships.

When people find harmony in their lives, it benefits not just themselves but also those around them.

Pisces are notorious for being energy vampires, soaking up the emotions of others around them.


Pisces, in Bennet's words, is "a melting pot of emotion, who when surrounded by positive people, absorbs their joy and energy."

If something or someone were to disturb them, they would simply ride it out like a wave.

Bennet offers the following description of this quick-witted water sign: "full of enthusiasm and excitement."


This changeable and inquisitive symbol is interested in everything and everyone, giving the impression that each day will bring a brand new experience.

Geminis are always quick with a smile and a joke, which makes spending time with them an absolute delight.

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