Zodiac Signs That Are Hardest to Stay Friends With


Some people are able to form lasting connections at a young age and maintain them throughout their lives. 

Find out who tops the list of the most difficult signs to get along with, from quite easy to completely impossible.

"This makes them incredibly competitive people, even with those closest to them, because they are so used to winning as the cardinal fire sign."


Even if you've known an Aries for years, you won't have much luck getting an apology out of them.

Virgos have a reputation for being judgemental of others since they are considered to be the zodiac's perfectionists.


While Virgos may take such attention as a sign of honor, those born under other signs may take it as continual criticism.

According to Ash, Scorpios are challenging to get to know, and much more so to develop a meaningful relationship with.


"When in reality they are protecting their own emotions," Ash adds of Scorpios, people assume they are hiding something from them.

Sagittarian friends may be known for having hectic schedules that are difficult to coordinate with others.


"Sagittarius placements are never content to stay put in one place for too long," because this sign is restless and prone to change.

The Gemini is the "chameleon of the zodiac," making them the most difficult to maintain friendships with.


Because of this, they are able to quickly and easily integrate into new social circles and create new friends.

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