Zodiac Signs That Are Least Likely to Marry


Marriage is a huge commitment, and not everyone can handle it. Many marriages end in divorce, and some of us would just as soon not be married in the first place.

Find out which zodiac signs are the least likely to tie the knot, from merely thinking about it to flat-out refusing.

Geminis, often known as "quick-witted twins," are constantly on the go and taking in all of the information around them. 


This astrological sign, according to astrology specialist Sofia Adler, is all about "both-and," not "either-or."

They enjoy the variety of experiences and perspectives that dating provides," she says.  Therefore, tying the knot is not a given.

Aquarians are the second least likely to get married on our list because, despite their outgoing nature, they might have trouble committing to just one thing.


Their drive for independence, coupled with the fact that they are so resistant to change, makes it difficult to hold their attention.

But what if you manage to attract their attention? They have the potential to be "incredibly loyal partners."

Sagittarians are "extreme flirts" due to their wanderlust and fire sign vitality. Unfortunately, they are our least likely sign to marry.


According to Ash, "it can make them nervous to take the traditional marriage route."

Aquarius, the futurist, is turned off by the traditional institution of marriage because he or she prefers to gaze ahead rather than back.

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