Zodiac Signs That Are Most Intimidating 


These people have an air about them that can feel intense and even threatening, whether it's because they seem too cool or are just excessively talkative.

Keep reading to learn more about the scariest signals, ranging from somewhat unsettling to completely overpowering.

Some people may feel threatened by an Aries because of their natural tendency to take charge.


They enjoy a good fight and are not easily intimidated, as Tripp puts it. This "primal energy can feel threatening," she warns.

This self-assured sign always knows what it wants and will go to great lengths to achieve it.

A Capricorn's natural inclination is to take charge, and nothing—or no one—will stand in their way.


They are intimidating because they are quick to cut others off, especially if they don't measure up to their strict standards.

Because of their constant striving for greatness, they have little time for meaningful relationships and might come across as arrogant to others around them.

Scorpios are noted for their intensity and seriousness, which can make them seem distant and difficult to get to know. 


This intense desire for dominance, Tripp warns, "can feel threatening." They like power and being in complete control of situations.

They can inflict painful stings on you, similar to a scorpion's. There's a good reason why Scorpios are so frightening.

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