Zodiac Signs That Are Most Likely to Be a Serial Killer


Most people read their horoscopes for advice on romantic partnerships, careers, and personal development.

Find out which sign of the zodiac is most likely to be a serial killer, from mildly murderous to extremely so, by reading on.

Their moods fluctuate with the phases of the moon, making them unpredictable and irrational.


Premeditated murder is less common among those who die from cancer. They "act on their emotions and kill on whim," as Cooban puts it.

Geminis are not the most prolific serial killers, but they are certainly up there with the best of them.


As a "key component of a serial killer's twisted modus operandi," their charisma and charm are especially noteworthy.

Scorpio, like the other water signs, has a shadowy, evil side that is driven by feelings.


According to Cooban, Scorpios are notorious for being devious and vindictive, and they tend to play their cards close to the vest.

Sagittarians are synonymous with spontaneity and risk-taking, and they have far less consideration for consequences and repercussions.


Brown claims that when they kill someone, they will "take them on a journey full of adventure and suspense." For them, murder is a game.

A serial killer is more likely to be a Pisces. They are also "adaptable and quick-thinking individuals," another changeable sign quality.


Pisceans in particular are known for being very emotional and deeply affected by external events.

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