Zodiac Signs That Are Most Likely to Divorce


Some people just can't manage the stress that comes with being married. A couple may decide to end their relationship for a variety of reasons.

Find out which zodiac signs are thinking about, or have already begun, the process of divorce.

The sign of Aries is the most ostentatious of the zodiac. Exaggerated passion and public demonstrations of devotion are favorites of this pair.


Any scenario that can create a damaged ego can come in the way of this proud fire sign's need for a profound emotional and physical connection with their spouse.

It's no surprise that someone born under the sign of the air would have no trouble striking up conversations with strangers.


Friendship is easy for a Gemini to find. This emphasizes the significance of a partner who truly feels like a best friend and lover to them.

This lovely water sign is the most faithful partner since they know that being open and communicating are the keys to a healthy relationship.


However, Pisces might become resentful and distant if they believe their partner is not providing them with unconditional love and support.

Sagittarius believes that life is an adventure and that they are along for the ride. These confident Aries are naturally attractive and sociable.


Sagittarians are incredibly passionate lovers and partners, yet they will divorce those who make them feel unappreciated or restrained.

Being restrained is the single worst thing that can happen to an Aquarius, who is known as the free spirit of the zodiac. 


Because of their independent personality, Aquarius is the sign that is least likely to ever get married in the first place. 

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