Zodiac Signs That Are Most Likely to Spill Your Secrets


Astrology can be of use if you are attempting to determine why a certain person in your life is such a chatterbox.

If you want to know who is most likely to tell your secrets, from mildly gossipy to definitely betraying your confidence, keep reading.

While Capricorns are "clever, socially aware, and familiar with social structures," they also value the appearance of superiority over their rivals.


One aspect of this is gathering data that may prove useful in making future decisions and advancing in their careers.

Virgos put their full attention on the tasks at hand and don't see the use in maintaining secrets, their own or those of others.


In some cases they may choose to keep quiet if they feel it is necessary, but in general people prefer to be honest.

You can count on an Aquarius to spill the beans if you give them too much time alone, as they tend to spend a lot of time thinking about themselves.


People who accidentally reveal confidential information aren't trying to get back at the speaker.

These talkative people are so good at making people laugh that they often reveal personal details.


Geminis just love to chat, so don't be surprised if they inadvertently spill the beans on something personal about you.

A Sagittarius is "friendly, humorous, loyal, and full of energy." Even though they are wonderful friends, it is simple for them to let slip private details about you.


According to Farrar, those born under this sign are known for their "playful nature," which might be interpreted as a fondness for telling jokes.

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