Zodiac Signs That Are Most Loveable


When you're with certain signs, life can feel like a romance novel, but with others, it might not be so much.

Discover the most loving zodiac signs, from those who don't mind a little PDA to those who go above and beyond to show affection.

This fire sign needs continual attention from their spouse just as much as they need it themselves.


Since they have placed their trust in you, they will show their appreciation by lavishing you with love and presents.

Your relationship will be unbeatable once you've relaxed around a Leo and returned their tenderness.

Dependability in all areas of life, including romantic partnerships, is a hallmark of Taureans.


The Earth sign ruled by Venus is typically a nurturing, protective creature who shows affection through providing for others.

As well as being "sturdy and reliable," these people are also "loyal and loving, with a tendency towards demonstrative affection with lots of hugs and cuddles."

Cancers prioritize the wellbeing of their loved ones above everything else, even at the expense of their own wellbeing at times. 


Cancers like to make sure everyone knows they care about them, so they would deliver soup to a sick buddy or ask about a coworker who seemed off at work. 

Being governed by the moon, they are prone to erratic emotions, but their primary method of demonstrating affection is through caregiving.

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