Zodiac Signs That Are Most Monogamous 


These individuals frequently move on to the next committed relationship in search of the security and comfort that long-term relationships provide.

The most committed Zodiac signs are revealed here, from the relationship-oriented to the socially dependent.

A home filled with comfort and love is a source of tremendous satisfaction for those born under this sign. 


Cancers require time to create a profound emotional connection with their spouse, which is why they do best in committed, long-term partnerships.

They will use their superior emotional intelligence to help you maintain a healthy relationship.

Because they dislike being in a state of constant flux, those born under this laid-back earth sign are naturally monogamous.


Keep your sexual excursions, says Taurus. I've found a good balance here with my one primary squeeze, and I have no plans to leave.

You'll get along fine with a Taurus since you're both homebodies who value stability and predictability.

The concept of non-monogamy is so foreign to this conventional, serious, and routine-oriented sign that it is almost incomprehensible. 


They are down-to-earth and like to have a good idea of where their next kiss or hot meal is going to come from, according to Honigman. 

When they are younger, Virgos often engage in what is known as "serial monogamy," in which they move quickly from one committed relationship to the next. 

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