Zodiac Signs That Are Most Opinionated 


They don't hold anything back and they have no problem expressing their (often contentious) thoughts. They don't keep anything bottled up. 

Find out which zodiac signs tend to be the most opinionated, from the mildly egotistical to the downright forceful, by reading on!

Want to put an Aquarius to the test? You won't make much progress, unfortunately. The fixed air sign is quite opinionated and rigid in several areas of life. 


Even after a passionate argument, Aquarius is not likely to change their opinions. Their views, as characterized by Saussy, "tend to be firm and once made are hard to unmake."

These Gemini likes to talk about the ideas they're most passionate about, which are generally tied to social justice.

Taureans have a reputation for bravery and intrepidity. Confident people "have definite ideas about how things should be" and act accordingly.


Aries have a reputation for being quite outspoken, and they refused to keep their mouths shut.

This sign is occasionally haughty and always independent; they want to see their ideas realized and will keep talking about them until they do.

Before reaching a conclusion, Libras consider the situation from every angle because of their commitment to impartiality.


Since they share "an affinity not just for sweet Venus but also for stern Saturn," Libras can be unexpectedly critical of others. 

Libras may be diplomatic in how they express their opinions, but they never fail to give their two cents.

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