Zodiac Signs That Are Most Romantic 


Those who place a premium on romantic connection might use astrology to learn more about the types of people who are most compatible with them. 

Keep reading to learn more about the zodiac signs that are the most romantic, from endearing to ardent.

They keep things fresh and are always looking for new ways in, as Loftis puts it, "because they always want something new and different. 


They are skilled orators who might impress you with poetry or clever conversation.

Libra, ruled by Venus (the love planet), infuses even the most routine activities with a touch of passion.


They value cooperation and teamwork highly, therefore they'll carefully consider your preferences and goals.

Leos have the ability to set the mood, select the ideal ensemble, and make you feel like you're the center of the universe.


They thrive when all eyes are on them, and it's important to them that you experience the same.

Psychic and healer Emily Newman claims that no sign other than Taurus can do more to make their partner happy and at ease.


The partners of Taurus understand and enjoy the organic chemistry and straightforward nature of a Taurus relationship.

Pisces is the most sentimental sign and prefers the more traditional, Hollywood-style relationship.


This can take on the quality of a true fairy tale. That love really may be as in the movies is the impression they leave you with.

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