Zodiac Signs That Are Most Sensitive 


These sensitive types are often picking up on the vibes around them and may overreact to the slightest slight. 

Continue reading to learn about the indicators that range from being a little bit emotional to being really touchy.

People with the Scorpio zodiac sign tend to be profound and emotional, yet they frequently conceal an equally acute sensitivity.


Despite their fiery nature, Scorpios are not a fire sign. Instead, they're a moody, sensitive water sign that gets a bad rap.

Alfano explains that despite their "quick tongue and smart wit on the outside," they really just want to "run and hide under the covers."

As a water sign, Pisces has a heightened sensitivity to the emotions of those around them and an incredible capacity to understand what they're going through.


While this is a superpower in that it enables them to help others, it also comes with a price: emotional exhaustion.

In an effort to get away from the intensity of others around them, they may turn inward or pursue their artistic hobbies.

Cancers, like crabs, have tough shells to shield their vulnerable feelings, but on the inside, they're just like the rest of us.


Our Cancerian friend or relative may come out as tough, but that's only their defense mechanism for not wanting to show their true colors. 

This sensitive water sign occasionally shows its true colors, only to quickly retreat into their protective shell again to avoid getting wounded.

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