Zodiac Signs That Will Lead You on


Some people give off the impression that they are masters of the art of leading others on, both in terms of platonic and romantic relationships. 

Read on to find out which sign of the zodiac is most likely to tease you or maybe utterly deceive you.

An Aquarius has a strong attraction to others who share their unique characteristics and outlook on life.


This indicates that even if you get along well with an Aquarius, you probably aren't in their inner circle of close friends and family.

Despite their emotional self-assurance, Scorpios can be difficult to get to know because of their tendency to keep their true selves hidden.


They will strike first if they believe you are playing them. They will aim to cause harm, just like the scorpion they're named after.

Sagittarius is the sign of the zodiac that is referred to as the explorer since they enjoy putting oneself in difficult and novel situations. 


They date many different types of people for pleasure, making them one of the most adaptable zodiac signs.

Geminis are lively and sociable people who thrive in partnerships that keep them on their toes.


Ash claims that Geminis are especially gifted communicators since they are one of the two signs ruled by Mercury.

Aries is the zodiac sign most likely to play you for a fool, and when they do, it's usually with some kind of spectacular display.


When you're an Aries, your relationships are a battleground because you always want to come out on top.

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