Zodiac Signs That Will Never Be Single


It's possible that astrology plays a role in explaining why some of your friends (or maybe even you) always seem to be taken. 

Learn the telltale characteristics of someone who will never be alone, whether they prefer casual dating or committed relationships.

You may attest to the Scorpio's intensity in a relationship if you've ever been with another water sign.


They are so intent on finding their true love quickly that dating a Scorpio is likely to be short-lived.

You may have heard all about the amazing first dates a Gemini has gone on from their Gemini pals.


They don't want a serious relationship, just some attention and a good anecdote to share with their pals.

Cancers are known to be homebodies who take solace in their cozy surroundings and supportive partners.


After a great first date, this water sign starts to think about the future and how your last name might sound with theirs. 

Capricorns are well-known for their seriousness and are not casual daters. They are looking for love if they are even considering going on a date.


Kimmerle says they "want to build something real and will make sure their partner is also in it for the long haul."

Pisces are sensitive souls that are constantly on the lookout for love, even though it may be in all the wrong places.


According to Honigman, Pisceans have an insatiable appetite for romantic relationships. Pisces are "romantic to the core," but they can't stand being alone.

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