Zodiac Signs That You Shouldn't Date


There is a lot to think about while you're out there trying to find a date. There are other factors at play than shared biology and psychology.

Continue reading to learn the astrological warning flags that prevent me from dating someone.

Aries are used to being the one to take leadership in any given situation. This gives them an inherent air of self-assurance and swagger in romantic encounters.


They like to lavish their significant others with over-the-top displays of passion, such as wild public declarations of love and lavish presents.

Cancerians have a reputation for being some of the most compassionate and kind members of the zodiac.


You don't want to get on their bad side since they are some of the most loyal and supportive people you'll ever meet.

Scorpios tend to be reserved at first glance. Months, if not years, of getting to know a Scorpio is required to uncover their true motivations. 


They keep a tight group of friends, but their connections with them are deep and meaningful.

The Sagittarius personality trait of being extremely outgoing and pleasant is well-known. This can make it hard to understand their approach to flirting.


When it comes to relationships, things may get heated at first but can quickly cool out if you are unable to hold the other person's attention.

Even though Taurus is one of the zodiac's most discreetly passionate signs, you won't have an easy time convincing them to walk down the aisle. 


They can be extremely possessive and jealous of their partners. This is a firm "no" from me.

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