Zodiac Signs Who Are Clingiest Of All


You can't escape some folks. Some people are clingy, whether it's constant hand-holding, messaging, or cuddling. 

Find out which zodiac signs are the most clingy, from completely infatuated to terrified of being alone, by reading on!

Leos desire to be treated like kings and queens, thus they will demand your undivided attention at all times.


Although their demands may occasionally be serious, in most situations they simply want to play with you.

They will settle down and appear less connected once you give them the attention you want once you have given it to them.

Alta thinks Taureans struggle to accept newcomers. However, they may become too attached and "suffocate them with love."


Hayes describes Taurus as "needier than most," and extremely persistent. However, she can see some silver lining, saying, "Taureans aren't always that demanding."

If you're lucky enough to be dating a Taurus, "expect this clinginess to translate into hot and steamy moments of pleasure since sex is indeed their love language."

When compared to the other signs on this list, Cancers are noted for developing deeper connections with those around them. 


According to Alta, this preoccupation with the past makes it "difficult for them to throw something out of their home or part ways with an ex."

"Mature and self-regulating Cancers will certainly translate that clinginess into nurturing," she says.

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