Zodiac Signs Who Are Funniest Of All


Have you ever pondered the origin of your unique brand of humor? It's likely that your astrological chart explains your gift for hilarious satire. 

In this web story, you'll learn about the zodiac signs that are the funniest, from the mildly humorous to the outright comical.

Some Aquarius have a quirky sense of humor that reflects their eccentric personalities. This sign is "offbeat, weird, and zany," as described by Saussy.


This witty sign will try to win you over to its cause in any way possible, even by making you laugh.

According to Maria Hayes of Trusted Astrology, a Leo may appear to be "the serious type," but their true nature is that of an entertainer.


This sign aspires to excel in all areas of life, and that includes making those around them smile and laugh.

While Virgo's inclusion here may come as a surprise, anyone who knows a Virgo has likely shared a good laugh with that sign's native.


The meticulous veneer that they provide might, at times, hide a snarky demeanor and a cynical sense of humor.

Saussy is of the opinion that this sign "loves a good time and loves to get the chuckles from the audience." Saussy is in agreement with this assessment.


They are "often creative and philosophical in their humor" because of their need to be liked by others.

If you are friends with a Gemini, you probably find yourself laughing so hard that it hurts your sides on a regular basis. 


This sign has the ability to be both serious and humorous, and they like bringing a smile to the faces of others around them. 

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