Zodiac Signs Who Are Grumpiest Of All


The stars may hold the key to understanding why your friend or significant other is so grumpy all the time.

Continue reading to learn about the indicators that range from a small irritability to a continual state of crabbiness.

Cancers are sensitive souls who are quick to lash out when they or others they care about are wronged. 


If they are feeling grumpy, they may act childish, snarky, and up and down to cover up how they truly feel.

When they are upset, Pisces swing from wanting to be around people to isolating themselves completely.


Therefore, if this indicator is prickly, it most likely means that "someone has wronged them," and the person is still holding onto it.

Capricorns strive to perform at their highest level at all times, and they have the same high standards for others around them.


Working with a Capricorn can make this task extra challenging. Don't be surprised if they give you the cold shoulder if they catch you slacking off.

Most significantly, Aquarians want people to agree with their views and act exactly as they wish everyone else would.


Then you have hurt feelings when your loved ones don't agree with you. "has strong feelings about all kinds of things," Saussy explains about the fixed sign Aquarius.

This sign, ruled by Mars, "tends to be impatient, and they easily see where things, people, and situations can be improved," according to astrologer Daniel Saussy.


The fact that they avoid making small conversation just adds to the impression that they are surly to those who don't know them. 

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